Oracle takes on Google in court over software patents


Chief executives from Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ:ORCL) duked it out with those from Google, Inc. on Tuesday in a court battle over whether Google tromped on Oracle's software patents.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the trial started on Monday, April 16, in San Francisco, and is dealing with Oracle's allegations that the Android mobile phone software counts as copyright infringement, and also steps on patents associated with the programming technology Java.

On Tuesday, Oracle provided a video testimony to the jury in which Google CEO Larry Page conceded that at one point, the company thought about paying for a license to Java.

"There were deals discussed to where we were going to make payments," Page said.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison testified in person, and stated that Oracle is responsible for protecting its intellectual property if it hopes to continue funding R&D programs.

"If people could copy our software and create cheap knockoffs of our products, we wouldn't get paid for our engineering and wouldn't be able to invest what we invest," Ellison said, according to Fox News.

Investors are watching the trial closely, as the verdict, along with information on insider trading, could greatly impact investment decisions. 

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