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Posted, Feb 27th, 2010 | by Insiderslab

Every day, investors have the opportunity to put their money into more than 15,000 US stocks. But such a huge opportunity is also hungely confusing. How do you start narrowing down your investment choices? All investors can potentially increase their returns if they start their stock picking by looking at insider trading flow. It should come as no surprise to anyone that insider trading occurs every day in the stock market. However, it is impossible to screeen all daily insider filings for all list companies. provides an easy to use research tools that allows investors to monitor potential insider invesment opportunities and helps investors to seek "Insider Alpha" in an effective and systematic manner. Special features include Mobile Insider News services with time-series charts and streaming data of insiders' trading activity in the palm of your hand!

From Jan 25, 2010 to Feb 25, 2010, Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) has found more than 570 insiders sale transactions in 30 days and the blue chip price went down 10% in a month. Do you want to be informed when group of insiders in GOOGLE start selling in early February?
Do you know Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Chairman GATES WILLIAM H III sold over $560 milion worth of share in total in February 2010?
How can I find the company with the largest insider buy/sell by trade volume or amount?
How can I find out the trading pattern of a CEO in a listed company? Does he really making money by trading his own company stocks in the past? How accurate he predicts the company price trend?
I have a stock portfolio of blue chips (NASDAQ: AAPL, NYSE: KO, NYSE: JMP) and some penny stocks, will I be notified when there is any insider trade in the stocks that I hold? Yes! You will receive intra-day email alerts for all stocks in your portfolio. You can also access our Mobile Insiders News tool in your BlackBerry, iPhone, or PDA any time and any where?
Our web base insider Research Tools provide a complete solution to all of the above Market Demands

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Easy Rules of Thumb to analyze insider trading data

Posted, Feb 15th, 2010 | by Insiderslab

Using the Form 4 and other insider data as an investment tool is more involved in processing huge amount of insider trading data that release everyday; however, some signals and patterns are important, whereas others are just time-wasting noise. We have collected some Rules of Thumb to interpret insider trading data so you’ll be prepared to profit from the flood of information that is on its way!
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Academically proved insiders made excess abnormal return

Posted, January 28th, 2010 | by Insiderslab

Insider trading is of interest to many different constituencies academics, who are interested in the informational efficiency of prices; security market regulators, who are interested in its effect on fair and orderly markets; and investors, who are interested in using the trades of insiders as a potential source of information when making investment decisions. It is likely that compensation professionals will also become interested in this information as more and more employees are paid with stock and stock options in the firms. We have collected respectable academic researches that proved insiders made excess abnormal return. Read more

Watch our video presentation!

Posted, Jan 18th, 2010 | by Insiderslab

Check out our vedio presentation to discover the unique features that can help you earn smart money by following significant insider trading signals!

More tutorial vedio clips are under production which walk you through on how to use our web based RESEARCH TOOLS to find the winning insiders in US Penny Stocks and blue chip companies. on your Mobile!

No other service provides time-series charts, streaming data and news of insiders' trading activity in the palm of your hand!
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