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Insider trading chart that displays insider trading signals in the past 3 months on a stock price chart. An easy way to see how insiders Buy Low Sell High.
Part 1: Insider Trading Chart
Part 2: Transaction History From November 9th, 2015 To February 9th, 2016 (Max 10 Records Displayed)
Last 10 trades made by insiders with detailed information with respect to trade amount, volume, trade type, etc. This report helps identify BIG buy/sell transactions made by insiders. Pay special attention to holding % changes.
Filing Date Trade Date   Insider Name Event Code Ownership Trade Information Holding % Change
Dec 16/15 Dec 15/15 CxO Buy GOODMAN SHIRA
President, NAC
P Indirect ownership Acquired 5,100 Common Stock at $9.70 4.06%
Dec 08/15 Dec 05/15 CxO Sell Wilson John
President Staples Europe
F Direct ownership Disposed -20,354 Common Stock at $12.36 -27.30%
Part 3: Top 5 Companies With Most Active Insider Trades (from February 2nd, 2016 To February 9th, 2016)
Top 5 Companies with most active insider trade in the past 7 days. This reports shows which companies in the market have obnormal insider trades that could be a huge investment opportunity.
Stock Code POSITIVE Net Buys by CEO, CFO, or Directors Stock Code NETGATIVE Net Sales by CEO, CFO, or Director
(SIRI) Verbrugge Joseph A (2 Trades) 17,673,854 USD    WAT CAPUTO ARTHUR G (22 Trades) -21,836,560 USD
RGA Manning Anna (1 Trades) 14,303,354 USD    ZSPH KEYSER D JEFFREY (14 Trades) -20,466,982 USD
TRIP TEUNISSEN ERNST (2 Trades) 13,728,232 USD    FIT SCAL EDWARD M. (4 Trades) -19,899,162 USD
UTX DELPECH PHILIPPE (1 Trades) 12,615,240 USD    ILMN FLATLEY JAY T (54 Trades) -19,735,512 USD
UTX MCDONOUGH ROBERT J (1 Trades) 12,615,240 USD    CYT SMITH ROY (13 Trades) -19,313,466 USD

Part 4: Insider Trade Stock Picks Portfolio Over 5000% Return
Our "Insider Trade Stock Pick Portfolio" with over 5,000% cumulative return track record.
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Symbol Newsletter Sent to
PREMIUM Members On
Insiders Who Buy Low Sell High # 0f
VRML Dec 22, 14 Director 1 26% 26%
EYES Nov 21, 14 Director 1 63% 63%
NVRO Nov 12, 14 Director 1 38% 38%
ATRA Oct 21, 14 10% Owner 1 126% 126%
RESN Oct 15, 14 10% Holder 1 28% 28%
RESN Sep 29, 14 CxO 1 26% 26%
BAGL Sep 16, 14 Director 1 35% 35%
ISNS Aug 14, 14 CxO 1 182% 182%
BIOL Jul 22, 14 10% Owner 1 24% 24%
ARKR Jun 27, 14 CEO 1 55% 55%

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